Bule Glass

<Product introduction>
IR filter of blue glass stops near infra red longer than 650nm, while let go visible lights in the mean time. No color abberation would arise despite of angles increasing or not. Besides, it help reduce ghost or flare. Therefore, it is an essential element in a mobile phone camera module.
・The whole process implement: Raw material purchase, cutting, polishing, coating to chamfer etc. are finished in Sunny.
・Mature technical team: cold working, coating, cutting engineer team, has quick reaction capability to the market.
・Build business partnership with Schott, CDGM, to make sure raw material supply and quality.
・Each process is equipped with advanced processing equipment.
・Each process is equipped with specialized engineer.
・Double sides grinding technique
・Cutting technique
<Technical specifications>
The thinnest mirror0.2mm
Dimension Tolerance≥±0.01
Parallel Degree≥±0.005