<Product introduction>
Generate optical mirror or filter by surface polishing and coating process. Applied to cover glass, reflecting mirror, dichroic mirror in DSC, projection and DVD products.
・The whole process implement: Raw material purchase, cutting, polishing, coating to chamfer etc. are finished in Sunny.
・Mature technical team: cold working, coating, cutting engineer team, has quick reaction capability to the market.
・Each process is equipped with advanced processing equipment.
・Each process is equipped with specialized engineer.
・Two-sided grinding technique
・Multi-layer coating technique, can coat antireflection film, high reflectivity film, filter film, spectro-film etc.
<Technical specifications>
The thinnest mirror0.2mm
Surface AccuracyN≥3 △N≥
Dimension Tolerance≥±0.01
Parallel Degree ≥±0.005