<Product introduction>
Generate prism with certain optical propriety by surface polishing and coating process. Applied for light refraction in DSC, projection and DVD products.
・The whole process implement: Raw material purchase, cutting, polishing, coating to chamfer etc. are finished in Sunny.
・Mature technical team: cold working, coating, cutting engineer team, has quick reaction capability to the market.
・Each process is equipped with advanced processing equipment.
・Each process is equipped with specialized engineer.
・Prism gluing technique, air gap control between two single prisms.
・Disc engagment and disengagment technique for UV glue grinding.
・Multi-layer coating technique, can coat antireflection film, high reflectivity film, filter film, spectro-film etc.
<Technical specifications>
Boss Range1.28mm ~ 50mm
Surface AccuracyN≥0.5 △N≥0.2
Dimension Tolerance ≥±0.01mm
Angle Accuracy ≥±30"
Parallel Degreeθ1( θ2 )≥±1′
Vertical Degree≥±5′