GMP Lens

<Product introduction>
As similar to plastic molding process, GMP is to press softened glass at transition temperature with insert to shape aspheric surface. Optical performance of GMP lens,with wider reflectance range, is better than plastic aspheric lens and chemically more stable.
・GMP Lens for CCTVs;GMP Lens for DSLs;GMP Lens for Projectors;GMP Lens for Collinmators
・Molds are produced by Sunny.
・The whole lens process is finshed in Sunny.
・A full set of independent processing technology, The leading domestic and international advanced.
・Advanced mould core coating technique is at the forefront of the industry.
・Lens process procision has occupied domestic leading level, has ability to compete with international well-known enterprises.
・Unique mould core coating technique.
・Special molds design and material usage.
<Technical specifications>
Diamaterφ3mm ~ φ44mm
PV value under1μm,
RMS value under0.15μm
Decenter under 1'