Spherical Lenses

<Product introduction>
Generate different size and sharp spherical glass lens by proper process, widely used in various lens unit and lens module.
・The whole process can be finished in Sunny, the machines of each process are domestic advanced.
・Stable techinical engineers, especially for grinding which accumulated 30 years' technology deposition.
・Grinding: Multichip honeycomb tool grinding, Three jaw grinding process, Soft material, Large diameter process
・Centering: High-precision NAKAMURA-TOME AUTO centering machine, can produce deformed lens, lens element with steps on the rim.
・Coating: can produce vehicle-mounted waterproof flim, UVIR film etc.
・Gluing, Painting: can glue the lens with diameter about 60mm
・Grinding: Clip type, Multichip three jaw type.
・Coating: waterproof film, UVIR FILM
・Centering: deformed lens process.
・Gluing: Illumination uniformity process
<Technical specifications>
Center thickness≥0.3mm,
Newtonring≥±2 ring
Surface Accuracy△N≥0.3
Outer Diameter/Center thickness≤30
Centering coefficientZ≥0.05
Centering typesD type, H type etc.
Centering Depth Tolerance≥±0.005
Single Layer Reflecting Film Central Wavelength Tolerance:±20nm Multi-layer Film 400-730nm,R<0.5%
Glue overflow≥ 0.2mm
Surface Accuracy after gluing△N≥0.5